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Temperature Shock Test Chamber

Temperature Shock Test Chamber
Weiss TS 130

Moving of lifting basket within a few seconds

Test basket volume :approx.      130 l

Test basket dimensions:   

Height :approx.430 mm 

Width :approx.500 mm  

Depth:approx.600 mm

External dimensions:   

Height :approx.1.990 mm Width :approx.1.820 mm

Width inclusive of door hinge:approx.1.850 mm

Depth without door  approx. 900 mm

Depth with removable door  approx. 1.155 mm

Depth of notebook swivel approx. 170 mm

Temp. range (refer to working range) 

Hot chamber  approx. +60 . . . +220°C                                                   

Cold chamber  approx.  –10 . . . –80 °C

Changeover time:        approx.  10 secs

Temperature constancy, in time  approx.    ±1 K

Max. specimen weight               approx.   20 kg

Temperature change of 10 kg ICs in   ≤15 mins

Weight:                           approx.   950 kg


Temperature Shock Test Chamber
Temperature Shock Test Chamber
Temperature Shock Test Chamber
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