Karl Suss MA200 E

Waferfab Equipment - Detail

Karl Suss
Karl Suss
Mask Aligner
Karl Suss
Karl Suss
Karl Suss
Karl Suss
Karl Suss
Karl Suss
Karl Suss
Karl Suss
Karl Suss

SUSS MASK ALIGNER MA200 E   Windows based with  Suss AL / Autoalign System

- Alignment System MA200E TSA

- Chuck 8"

_Mask Holder for 8" Wafer

-PC -Aut. Adjustment ( Cognex Patmex )

- Lamphouse unit LH 1500

- Suss DVM 8 dual video Microscope ( 2CCD – Cameras /set of rotating Objectives L+R )

- 2 piecs Objective  5x

- 2 piecs Objective  10x

- 2 piecs Objective  20X

- Transport Plates ( Kit MA200 / W100-200/Even

- Exposure Chuck Prox/Cont W200

- Maskholder MA 200/TL/Prox/Cont/W200

- CIC1200 Lamp Powersupply

- Set of Exposure optics Typ A / UV400

- Non Contact Prealigner Station with IR – Sensor

- Operators Manual MA 200E English (Digi.)

- Optional: Suss Lightintensity Meter incl. Probe 405NM

- Automatically from cassette to cassette

- Remanufactured according to Suss Standard 2022

- Photo During refurbishment

 -  MA 200 pre acceptance, performance and qualifications can be done on construction site.


We can offer optional:

Installation and factory qualification at customer site can be done,

by qualified Engineer.

very good

For further information you can contact us