Mask Aligner Karl Suss

Waferfab Equipment - Detail

Karl Suss
Mask Aligner

-Mask Aligner Karl Suss MA 45 (refurbished by expert), TSA, up to 4” Wafer or Substrate

Karl Suss MA45 Mask Aligner – inclusive Service and Function tested.

Prepared for Hard- and Softcontact

Mask Aligner for manual Alignment

(Substrates up to max. 100 x 100 mm, 4” Wafer)

Manuel Loading of Masks und Substrates

Adjustment by Micrometerbolts

Adjustment by Splitfield Microscope

Light source for various Spectral Ranges UV 300-400

Diffraction Optics UV 400


Base machine specification:

Base Machine with mechanical, pneumatic and electric equipment

X,Y, Theta und Z Adjustment with WEC-Head

(WEC-Head and Micrometerbolts for Rough and Fine Adjustment)

Lamphouse LH 350W


Optics equipped with:

Ellipsoidal Reflector

Cold Light Mirror UV 400

Diffraction Optics UV400

Diversion Mirror 45° (LH 350)

Frontlens 100 mm x 100mm

Lamp HBO 350 W/S

Power Supply CIC500 incl. Ignition Box


Splitfield Microscope

1 Set Oculars, 1 Set Objectives (customer wish)

1 Set Fibre Optics for Microscope Illumination

1 x Exposure Chuck 100 x 100 mm (4”)

1 x Mask Holder M-5”, S-4”


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