Waferfab Equipment - Detail

TR 6133UD

for Wafer Size: 4"- 6"

Coater systems, 4"-6" (3) Zone hotplate Single / double cassette Fluoroware type with pitch of 3/16" for (25) Wafers SOG Nozzles: 0.85mm, 1/16" tubing Nozzle capping mechanism Nozzle cleaning with solvent Splash back cup cleaning with solvent Adjustable suck back valve Polypropylene tank: 1 gallon PVC, 11" Teflon solvent tubing and suck back valve (3) Vacuum chuck hot plates Heater capacity: 3.8 Kw (total) at 250°C Baking time: 0-999.9 secs with increments of 0.1 sec Normal indicator setting: ±3°C SOG Filter: .22 μm Fluoropore fitter Chemical cabinet: 5 Gallon capacity (2) Nozzles back side rinses (edge bead removal) Solvent filter: MILLIPORE CWFG00403 Fluorex / WGFG04HP6 Wafergard Gas line filter: MILLIPORE GTL WGFG01D Wafergard 0.22 μm filter Wafer transport system: Indexing elevator Vacuum chuck Shuttle mechanism Walking beam Control unit: Microprocessor: INTEL 8065 (main and (2) sub CPUs) Speed: 100-9000 RPM (4") / 8000 RPM (6") ± .15% (50-1990 RPM) and ±.1% (2000-6000 RPM) Alarm for speed ±3% of RPM (speed higher than 300 RPM) Acceleration: Maximum rate 1 sec for 0 to 5000 RPM (programmable in increments of 1 sec) Process: 20-Steps, 8 / 16 recipes Temperature control: ±1°C Uniformity with alarm setting of ±3°C Spinning, dispensing time: 0-99 Sec programmable Baking time: 0-999 Sec programmable Process display: Back-lit LCD.

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